Volunteering Opportunities


Tutoring benefits include the satisfaction of helping others learn, learning as a tutor, and getting to know a learner and about the customs in his or her native country.Tutors need to be patient adults who like to work with other adults

  • Tutors should be available for one to two hours per week for multiple weeks.
  • Tutors work in the area of their interest (English reading, writing, and speaking; basic math; or computer skills). Training is provided for each area of interest.
  • Tutoring times and locations are arranged between the tutor and the learner.

Call Colleen at 780-623-2477 if you are interested and want to learn more about this opportunity.

Board Members

We have a management board that meets six to eight times a year. This group of volunteers oversees the Community learning programs. If you are interested in being on our committee, please call Colleen at 780-623-2477  for more information.

Project Volunteers

Volunteers can help with short or long term projects such as the Stone Soup Food Centre and Community Bookshelves. They can also drop in as guests to interact with learners in the English conversation classes.

Event Volunteers

Volunteers can help in planning and preparing or in running an event such as Family Literacy Day (January), Love Reading (February), Earth Day Happenings (April) and our bi-yearly garage sales. 

We also need volunteers to help us fund raise by working at the Festival of Speed (February) and the Festival of Trees (November).

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