Learning Opportunities

Free – English language reading, writing, listening and speaking classes for beginner and intermediate learners.

Free – Conversational French language classes for beginners.

Free – Conversational Ukrainian language for Ukrainian speakers.

Free – Basic Computer classes.

Free – IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam preparation.

Free – Drivers written exam preparation.

In the Community Learning classroom you will find:

    • A safe, welcoming and inclusive place to study and learn.
    • A Learning Resources Collection, which includes books, handouts, charts, audiovisual materials, and other resources for both learners, tutors and instructors. Registered learners and tutors can borrow materials for as long as they are needed.
    • Large work tables and chairs.
    • Computers, learning software, printers, and photocopiers.
    • A wealth of creative learning ideas.
    • Large and small whiteboards and maps.
    • Free coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

      • For more information call 780-623-2477

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