It takes an Entire Community to Create a Vibrant Learning Community.

Community Learning inspires cooperation, collaboration and partnerships in the community, to best serve all people in a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment.

Our Programs

Adult Learning

Adults are given the opportunity to gain essential skills: reading, writing, document use, numeracy, computer use, and thinking and oral communication. Skills gained in Adult Learning allow learners to fully participate in society, have better success at work, and continue further studies.

Community Literacy Program

Our objective is to get books into homes. The target audience is children; but seniors and others benefit from getting free books too. Donated books are accepted from the public and distributed on Community Bookshelves.

Social Support Services

We work with marginalized individuals facing social and economic barriers. By keeping up-to-date with community, physical and mental health, and financial and resorative services, we are able to help individuals learn how to help themselves in achieving their potential.

Senior Support Services – So Much to Give So Much to Gain

We work closely with seniors to enhance their quality of life by providing programs and services that address their social needs. The New Horizon Senior Steering Committee is working collaboratively with others from multiple organizations and agencies to plan, host, and evaluate programs and projects. Seniors from all cultures and backgrounds share their skills and experiences in a variety of learning and social opportunities.

Food Security Services

We address food security from two perspectives: the growing and harvesting of food and the second harvest and distribution of edible food from local businesses. Inedible food is composted into soil instead of filling up our landfills.

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