What We Do

Our Vision:

Changing Lives Through Learning in Connected Communities!

Our Mission: 

To inspire cooperation, collaboration, and partnerships in the community to best serve all people in a safe, welcoming, inclusive environment that helps reduce their barriers to employment and/or increase their skills to fully participate in society.

Our Project Areas

Learning Never Ends

Community Bookshelf

Senior Tech Time

Community Volunteer Income Tax Project (CVIPT)

Hunger Doesn’t Take a Holiday

Filling Plates NOT Landfills

Keeping Items OUT of the Landfills,
and GIVING them a new HOME

The Community Learning Hub

We are a happening place where everyone can belong.  All services and programs are inclusive and open to all ages, cultural backgrounds, sexual orientation and faiths.

Supports include are Adult Literacy, Community Literacy, Capacity Building, Leadership and Innovation, Senior Digital Support Services and Food Literacy Services.

Community Learning provides a HUB of services and programs in an accessible, welcoming environment that preserves every individuals’ dignity.  Staff and volunteers support learners to create their individual pathways to reach goals.  All programs and services are focussed on a heads-up, not a hand-out, approach.  

These are primary benefits to the community and its residents: 

  • Providing access to, and assistance with, basic technology
  • Providing assistance to individuals, and supporting their independence and advocacy skills
  • Providing knowledgeable referrals for services and supports within the community, such as career counselling/employment services, childcare, transportation, and other government programs and agencies.
  • Facilitate the development of personal and interpersonal skills including:
    • Decision-making and problem solving
    • Creative and critical thinking
    • Communication and interpersonal skills
    • Self-awareness and empathy
    • Coping with emotions and stress
    • Intercultural competencies


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