It takes an Entire Community to Create a Vibrant Learning Community.

Lac La Biche Community Learning inspires and supports foundational, lifelong, and life-wide learning in safe, welcoming and inclusive environments which helps learners reduce barriers to employment and fully participate in society.

Community Learning

At Community Learning we work with people in the Lac La Biche and Plamondon area wanting to improve their reading, writing, and English speaking skills as well as math and basic computer skills. We believe that learning is a partnership.

We work with adults from a variety of backgrounds. Some adults have spent very little time in school, others find it difficult to learn in a typical classroom setting, some have moved to Canada and are trying to communicate in English (a very difficult language to learn), and others have lost some abilities because skills weren’t used. Whatever the reason, many adults in our area need to improve their communication skills for work, home, and community interaction.

The Need is All Around You!

If you know someone who is interested in learning or needs our help, or if you want to become a volunteer tutor or a volunteer committee member, please phone us at 780-623-2477, and speak with Colleen, our coordinator.

Upcoming Events

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